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New for 2020! Superflight - 4.0+ NTRP level singles & doubles--a three player coed team plays weekly matches against the other Superflight teams.
One set singles against opponent A, one set singles against opponent B, then one set doubles with all.

Matches are Wednesday nights, 6 pm at public courts around Malvern and Phoenixville, PA.


The mission of the Corporate Tennis League is to provide recreational tennis competition through weekly scheduled team matches for the corporate community in a congenial, sportsmanlike atmosphere.
     Two flights are A (Advanced)  & B (Intermediate), determined by performance/skill level from the 2019 final standings. Play level for A Flight is 4.0+ (NTRP Rating) and B Flight 3.0+ (NTRP Rating). 

     Format of a team match: a six-set match no-ad 6-game sets--two women's and two men's doubles played on two courts, followed by two mixed doubles sets using two courts and two pairs. 
Lets are honored as in traditional USTA tennis rules. The serves are replayed.
If set reaches 6-6 games all, the tie shall be broken by a 13-point tiebreaker (where the first team to reach 7 points wins, with no 2-point margin.) The Coman tiebreak procedure will apply. Substitutions are allowed at any time in the match, although a player may not return to the same category (men's, women's, mixed) he/she has left.
      If sets are split in any category, a Supertiebreaker will decide the winner.The first team to win 7 points with a two point margin wins. The captains designate the #1 pair, the stronger to play the Supertiebreaker.
The mission is possible--congenial competition at all times. No grievances allowed. Please refer issues to the League Manager, Bambi Dudley.


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Breaking a tie in Standings

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One point is awarded for winning each category (1 for women's, 1 for men's and 1 for mixed) for a maximum of 3 points.  The winning team earns a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 points that accumulate through the season, with the team having the highest number of points winning the flight.
Based on the number of teams and weeks remaining in the season, a flight may compete in a playoffs at season's end to determine the ultimate champion. The top B teams advance to the A Flight the next season. Only rostered players may participate in the playoffs after playing two regular season matches. Defaults do not count as a match played. Non-rostered players may compete during the season if the team is in danger of defaulting. A sub may play unlimited times but may not qualify for playoffs. Employees may be any age; non-employees, 21 years or older..
The league plays at Phoenixville High School, Valley Creek Park, Great Valley High School, and Fisher Park. Teams are encouraged to come by 5:15 pm on match day to reserve these public community courts.
Match time is officially 6:00 p.m. Two teams must be ready to play by 6:15 pm. Default time: 20 minutes for no-shows and team forfeits the match that they can't field. Mixed doubles players should arrive by 6:30 p.m. to complete the match before nightfall. Teams forfeit the 3rd category (mixed) match only if they cannot field a team when they are ready to start.  
     If a team lacks players for a category, the captains must advise the opposing captain. A match may be rescheduled by noon the day before with both captains agreeing. While mixed doubles is usually played after men's and women's doubles, mixed may be played first with both captains agreeing.  
Teams may play a partial match on match day. (Every point counts.)
     In the case of rain, the League Coordinator shall contact the captains by E-mail or phone by 4:00 p.m. to cancel the matches. Rainout policy: if it is not raining by 4:00 p.m., the match is on. 
Makeup matches (due to rainouts or postponement) are to be played within two weeks (suggested Thursday of match week) resuming at the exact point and position from where you stopped. Point played, point stayed. There is no restarting any part of a postponed match.

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2006  Lineup  surfaces in Andrea's tennis
2006 Lineup surfaces in Andrea's tennis

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